Welcome to Shaheen Air International on-line reservation system - a convenient way for you to check our flight availability or make a reservation on Shaheen Air International. Here are some helpful tips in accessing the information you want :

  • Five modules are allowed to web user to facilitate On - Line booking
    1. Contact admin

      If you need any assistance just click on the button contact admin and type your query. We will be happy to help you out.

    2. Make Reservation.

      By pressing the button "make reservation" an availability window will open. Enter information in that window according to your flight plan.

    3. Cancel Reservation.

      If you want to cancel a booking which you have confirmed then press the button "cancel reservation". A list will appear. Select your required record locator and press cancel reservation.

    4. Reservation Info.

      If you have booked through the web and did not note confirmation number (record locator) i.e. PNR Number, then press the button "reservation info". A list will appear which shows the record locator.

    5. Personal information.

      If at any point of time you wish to modify / change any information in your user profile then press the button personal information.

  • Flight information in Shaheen Air on-line reservations system is available 4 months from the time you are on line and up to 2 hours prior to departure.
  • If you intend to book your own flights you need to register as a system user with a Pin ( Personal Identification Number ) that will be used for all future Shaheen Air International transactions.
  • Our destinations are:
      Islamabad (ISB), Karachi (KHI), Lahore (LHE), Peshawar (PEW)
      Al - Ain (AAN), Abu Dhabi (AUH), Dubai (DXB), Doha (DOH), Kuwait (KWI), Muscat (MCT).

  • How will I know that my reservation is confirmed ?

    This reservations system only holds seats for you on time limit when you fill in the required information and press submit button, a record locator (PNR) will be given to you. Shaheen Air International Reservation Department will confirm your seat. If in case they do not do so, kindly contact any Shaheen Air International Office given below to get your seat confirmed. Seats are served on first come first serve basis and are limited for each flight. Also if you have any special needs (medical requirement etc.) you may contact the below given address for help

  • Office Addresses:
    Shaheen Air International
    City Booking Office
    157-B Clifton
    Clifton Road
    Tel : 009221-111-70-70-70, 009221-111-80-80-80
    Fax : 009221-5873337

    Can a Child travel alone ?

  • Yes. A child can travel alone. We have staff to help on departure and arrival for young passengers travelling alone as unaccompanied minor passenger. An unaccompanied Minor is generally defined as a child/infant of any age who is travelling alone and with an escort provided by the airline. Each airline has its own rules with regard to the age limit at which they accept a reservation for a child to travel unescorted. When booking the seat, it is therefore necessary to advise the age of the unaccompanied minor.

  • Cancel / Modify my previous booking ?

    If you wish to cancel your booking, it is possible On - Line by clicking Cancel Reservation, after the booking has been confirmed. If you need to modify after the booking has been confirmed, please contact Shaheen Air International office.

  • How can I claim refund, in case of confirm booking ?

    Refunds will be given according to the airline policy. In case of cancellation, cancellation charges as applicable will be applied on domestic routes. For further assistance contact Shaheen Air International office.

  • Payment method for On - Line tickets ?
    Payment can be made in two ways
    1. Ticket Delivery :

    2. If booking is made by selecting the option "Ticket Delivery", then you have to pay cash when the ticket is delivered to you.

    3. Ticket Collection :

    4. If booking is made by selecting the option "Ticket Collection", then you can pay either by cash or credit card when you will come for ticket collection.

    Note :
    If you wish to pay by credit card at present this service is available on at "City office, Clifton". The credit crad owner has to be physically present and must produce the card and sign the authorisation debit.